SEC Baseball Power Poll

SEC Baseball Power Poll

SEC Baseball was in full swing with seven series played over the weekend. With the pre-conference schedule complete and one weekend of conference ball in the books, let's take a look at the first SEC Power Poll rankings of the 2018 season.

1 16-4 (3-0) Arkansas exposed No. 3 ranked Kentucky in a 3-game sweep of the Wildcats. The combined score of that sweep? 39-15. The Hogs also paid their dues with a solid preconference schedule with wins over teams like USC, Arizona, and Texas. Road series with Florida next.
2 15-5 (3-0) Vandy stunned the Mississippi State with sweep of the Bulldogs in Dudy Noble. Vandy has four wins over teams in the current D1 top 25 and would have had three more if MSU hadn't dropped out. Home series with LSU next.
3 18-4 (2-1) The defending National Champions won a 2-1 series at South Carolina. Everyone is gunning for the Gators because they carry that banner. Road series with USC next.
4 19-2 (2-1) Auburn is a still emerging red-hot team that is not usually in the upper cusp of the SEC. They won a home series with Texas A&M (2-1). The Tiger's non-conference schedule was not very formidable so we'll see if they can stay in the top 4. Road series with Kentucky up next.
5 14-7 (2-1) LSU had a 2-1 series home win over what looks like an improved Missouri squad. The Tigers struggled somewhat in non-conference action losing a series to Notre Dame! However, that was the opening series and good coaches tinker with their lineups early in the season to see who their performers are. Road series with Vanderbilt next.
6 19-2 (2-1) Ole Miss lost the first of three games with Tennessee. However, the Rebs took care of business and won the next two. Road series with Georgia next.
7 14-6 (2-1) Georgia had a lot of standout freshmen players last season. The Bulldogs ought to be improved this season. A series win (2-1) over Alabama is a good start. Still hard tell how much improvement they've made. Home series with South Carolina next.
8 17-4 (1-2) The Aggies dropped 2-of-3 at Auburn in their opening series. They are in the top 25 but still hard to get a good grasp on where this team stands compared to the rest of the league. Home series with Ole Miss up next.
9 14-5 (1-2) Mizzou avoided being swept with a 12-6 win over LSU on Saturday. Missouri looks improved but still a lot of baseball to be played. Home series with MSU next.
10 13-7 (1-2) USC won a 15-7 battle with Florida over the weekend but lost the war by losing two close ones to the Gators. Road series at Georgia next.
11 16-5 (1-2) Alabama got an opening win over Georgia on an inspiring home run. However, the Tide dropped two consecutive close identical score 6-5 games to drop the series. They look improved as well but how much improved? Road series at Tennessee next.
12 14-6 (0-3) Perhaps the biggest stunner of the weekend was UK's demolition at the hands of Arkansas. Kentucky has some good non-conference wins. It may be a case of Arkansas being a heck of a lot better than people thought. Home series with Auburn up next.
13 13-8 (1-2) The Vols got off a nice start with a Friday win over Ole Miss but lost the next two to drop the series. UT appears to be improved but the question is how improved? Lots of games coming up to prove their worth. Home series with Alabama up next.
14 10-10 (0-3) Mississippi State came close to being shutout twice by Vandy. Up 10-0, VU put in a developing pitcher who gave up a solo homer. State suffered from losing their head coach not long before the season started. It'll be interesting to see how things pan out for the Bulldogs with Gary Henderson. Road series at Missouri.

Keep in mind that this poll is more of a "what have you done for me lately" thing. The teams at the top could switch with the teams on the bottom in just a few weeks. You never really know who is for real until at least three conference series have been completed. Even after that things could go haywire for a team with things like injuries, suspensions and other events.

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